HGOR focuses on designing great places for people, places which support clear returns on investment and provide a stewardship ethic for future generations.

HGOR is an Atlanta-based design collaborative that creates places that maximize community potential. As a planning and landscape architecture firm, HGOR provides a holistic design approach backed by decades of experience in cross-disciplinary innovation. We are creative problem solvers who challenge individual clients, communities and governments to look beyond the immediate and identify the possible. Founded in 1992, HGOR exceeds client expectations by developing people-centric, innovative, yet cost-effective and well-planned design solutions.

HGOR provides clients with solutions that inherently consider the transition from planning and design to implementation, resulting in enduring beauty with a level of quality and consistency clients can depend on for years to come.



HGOR has approached each project
through its SEE philosophy.

As assignments often come to us in the form of problem statements, we work to SEE (Social + Economic + Environment) Solutions. which resolve the specific needs of an assignment in concert with the larger imperative and solutions that produce remarkable places of lasting value. Fundamentally, we believe that’s what makes us different.


Every project creates a real impact on lifestyles, neighborhoods and businesses so HGOR works with people to create places for people. With close attention to detail and organization, HGOR incorporates public and private interests to define the quality of environment in which we live. Success is making a better place to live, work and play for everyone.


The accomplished staff at HGOR provides solutions that add the best value to the client and the community. The firm’s years of experience produce practical wisdom, honesty and ingenuity that result into sound, economy-based decisions that yield viable results for both public and private investments


By emphasizing the long-term impacts, HGOR provides a platform of stewardship for future generations. Our goal is to enhance the landscape narrative, foster sustainable infrastructure and have minimal impact on the native environment to support the growth of our growing communities.


Design Approach

Creative Problem Solving
Creative problem solving is the foundation of our design process. Our goal is provide our clients with a diversity of solutions. The landscapes in which we work range from distinct sites, often with complex issues, to vast regions. We begin by studying their limitations and potential. We then match those qualities to our clients' objectives and to market a viable vision and reality.

Creativity Comes From Listening
At every phase, we engage stakeholders, build consensus and discuss alternatives with clients. These methods are proven to reconcile diverse and even conflicting priorities, leading to better solutions and timely processes. The same principles result in a grand vision ensuring long-term success of place-making. HGOR has mastered the challenges of planning and design in diverse project settings, from fragile ecosystems to urban sites in rapidly changing cities. Our success at solving design problems with complex conditions provides us with the experience to strengthen the connection between people and the places they share.