University of West Georgia

University of West Georgia East Commons

To keep pace with rapid growth in enrollment and the demand for freshman housing, the University of West Georgia needed to renovate Bowden Hall, a 200-bed facility; construct 250-new beds, and provide new dining facilities on a developed but underutilized portion of the east campus. The six acre site contained many large trees interspersed amongst existing low density structures and was characterized by a series of terraces comprising a seventy-five foot grade change north to south.

Working with HKS, formally HADP Architects, with regard to housing and Collins Cooper Carusi Architects for dining areas, HGOR is developing a series of outdoor spaces and egalitarian accessible circulation routes that work with the existing topographic conditions. The design focuses on creating a strong sense of place and community and in supporting student life, particularly the freshman experience.

LocationCarrollton, Georgia
Year Completed2013
Size14.5 acres
Design TeamBob Hughes, Lauren Standish
CollaboratorsHKS, Collins, Cooper, Carusi


EducationHGOR Adminogle, spelman