NGMC Braselton

Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton

Recognizing the importance and need for emergency services in the Braselton community, Northeast Georgia Medical System’s goal was to fill the void and become an integral part of the community by creating a new medical services hospital in Braselton, Georgia. Northeast Georgia Medical System hired HGOR to create a landscape master plan for its Braselton campus that is conscious and respectful of the history, integrity and beauty of this land – with sustainability and efficiency as top priorities.

HGOR’s design intent was to create a strong unified campus which has a sense of place that responds to the vernacular of the site location in North Georgia. Being respectful of the land and its natural characteristics, the planting of native canopy trees, establishment of wildflower and grass meadows, along with environmentally sensitive storm water infiltration methods will be implemented.

A manicured landscape with detailed plantings is also designed around the building and hardscape features to enhance the architecture as well as the experience of the user. A system of pedestrian trails, courtyards, patios, and water features are designed to provide a variety of experiences through the campus and into the surrounding natural landscape.

The overall goal of the landscape development is to respect the natural health and beauty of the site, replant disturbed areas in a manner that enhances the sensitivity of natural areas, and to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for the stakeholders and patients where they will view the entire property as a healthy and exciting experience.

LEED Gold Certified

LocationBraselton, Georgia
Year Completed2015
Size119 acres
Design TeamSteve Sanchez