Kathryn Johnston Memorial Park

Kathryn Johnston Memorial Park

The Conservation Fund, in partnership with Park Pride’s mission, was to reclaim and restore the urban land within the Kathryn Johnston Memorial Park that has long been neglected. Their goals were to not only provide a safe place for kids to play and for families and residents to gather, but also reduce the impacts of stormwater flooding and provide green job opportunities for community members. HGOR was selected to transform the 3.4 acre park and convert the neglected space into a positive, vibrant public space that provides critical flood relief to the community in the form of green infrastructure and reduces negative impacts of polluted stormwater runoff, and restore the natural habitat.

HGOR engaged residents, foundations, corporations, and government partners to ensure a broad coalition of support that delivers environmental, economic, and social justice outcomes for the local residents. The park combines green infrastructure with passive and active recreational elements and provides approximately 40,000 cubic feet of storage capacity for stormwater. Curb cuts and separated catch basins allow stormwater surface flow to enter the park during rain events, where it is directed to roadside bioswales, rain gardens, and underground infiltration chambers. A multiuse path runs diagonally through the park from south to north, with the eventual goal of connecting with the Atlanta BeltLine. Smaller paths also wind their way around the park, creating a walking circuit for residents. Two sizeable open lawn spaces, flanked by open air shelters, provides play and gathering space for residents while maintaining open views from the street into the park to promote public safety. The entire park will be lit, increasing safety.

The 3.4 acre park includes a nearby pavilion with adult exercise equipment providing a place for parents and guardians to watch their children play, while also getting some exercise. A prominent seatwall built on the edge of the lawn on the southwest side of the playground provides informal seating. The park also includes recreational facilities, community gathering spaces including, shelters and picnic tables, 100% native and drought-tolerant landscape plantings and trees. It also includes a multi-purpose playing field, multi-use trails, memorial plaza and gardens for recognition of community leaders and interpretive signage, educational amenities, and programming that supports an outdoor classroom experience. Approximately 50% of the site will have its canopy restored in 10-15 years. Construction is anticipated to be completed in November 2019.

HGOR provided master planning, landscape architecture and stormwater management services.

LocationAtlanta, Georgia
Year Completed2019
Size3.4 Acres
Design Team Steve Sanchez