City of Decatur

City of Decatur

The City of Decatur has long been recognized as a leader within the Atlanta area for its strong pedestrian-oriented, urban framework plan. With expansion in mind, the City asked HGOR to explore patterns, opportunities and linkages that would further define and enhance areas between the downtown core and surrounding neighborhoods. The planning effort established three major goals:

  1. Facilitate equality among all modes of transportation by elevating pedestrians and bicyclist to equal or superior status with motorists.

  2. Design all elements to support a larger sense of the City as an identifiable place with recognizable sub-areas.

  3. Place viable, safe and usable green space to support the community and attract private investment capital to build out Decatur’s collective vision.

The plan has been adopted by the City, with Phase One identified as enhanced pedestrian and bicycle improvements.

LocationDecatur, Georgia
Year CompletedDesign in Progress
Design TeamBob Hughes, Todd Fuller
PlanningHGOR Adminchamblee