Hit the Roof


Head to the roof. Working outdoors allows employees to refresh and recharge without having to go offsite.

Converting flat roof to occupiable space isn’t exactly a new concept. High-rise apartments have long capitalized on offering tenants a communal space under the stars. Hotels also have seen the benefit of enticing guests to the roof for a dip in a pool or drink as the sun sets. Offices can now follow suit, largely thanks to mobile technology that allows workers to be productive where there’s Wi-Fi connection.

Roofs don’t have to be the domain of mechanical equipment and pigeons. They can be ideal location to add more meeting, collaboration and social spaces. Your roof is an underutilized real estate asset. Rezoning it for work purposes could add thousands of square feet to your footprint.

HGOR created a custom design for NCR World Headquarters 40,000-square-foot roof in Atlanta that exemplifies how to reclaim a roof. Built in 2018, the one-acre space sits on the sixth floor in the middle of two taller towers. Because the sixth floor is the amenity center, the roof functions as an additional communal space. It includes artificial turf, living vegetation, real trees, a reflecting pool and shaded alcoves with tables and chairs.

“Rooftop spaces are flexible and fun”, said “Chris Mutter, HGOR Principal. It’s an amenity to attract and retain talent. Employees appreciate knowing that they can work for a company where they can kick off their shoes and let down their hair.”

Working on the roof also sends a signal to employees that your company is embracing modern workstyles. Workers don’t need permission to move around the building to find support their task list. A roof patio simply moves the purpose of touchdown spaces or unassigned desks to the outdoors.

Read further as HGOR Principal Chris Mutter’s outlines the benefits of rooftop greenspace in Workplaces magazine.