5 Green Infrastructure Innovations Changing the Face of Private Development

HGOR - Lowe's HQ.jpg

1. Lowe’s Corporate HQ

Mooresville, North Carolina

A series of bio-retention and stormwater courses that create a linkage of courtyard and outdoor spaces accessible to Lowe’s employees.


2. Marie Sims Park

City Place | Atlanta, Georgia

The allocation of greenspace focused on a central lower portion of the property, enabling the open space to potentially provide dual purpose for centralized stormwater management as opposed to utilizing a traditional underground vault system.


3. Franklin Park

Franklin, Tennessee

An interactive water feature between the first building and parking deck is designed to fluctuate between a series of interconnected pools which receive stormwater from the surrounding buildings’ roof, parking deck and storm drains.


4. Spring @ 8th

NCR Headquarters | Atlanta, Georgia

NCR Headquarters’ 40,000-sf green roof is inherently designed to collect and infiltrate stormwater in a functional and aesthetically pleasing manner.


5. Children’s Healthcare of


Center for Advanced Pediatrics | Atlanta, Georgia

A functioning landscape, which helps to filter stormwater, improves the surrounding landscape and increases biodiversity throughout the campus.

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