// Our SEE philosophy

HGOR is a company that is focused on designing great places for people, places which support clear returns on investment and provide a stewardship ethic for future generations.

Since this approach has distinct social, economic and environment components we call it our SEE Philosophy and therefore it is the yardstick we use to gauge the success of our work.

  • Social
  • Economic
  • Environmental

Too often today our built world is a resultant collection of individual projects that bear no relationship to one another and fail to understand their contribution to a larger whole. We believe that this trend can and must be reversed. No individual project can stand in isolation but should be understood within the imperative of the larger context of the cities and communities we are building.

We challenge individual clients, communities and governments to look beyond the immediate and identify the possible. In the end we have never met a client, private or public, who would object to saying “my project, my campus, my community, state or country – is a great place where people want to live, we are fiscally sound, and we have a tangible ethic of stewardship for future generations.

We apply this SEE Philosophy equally across our practice and project types, which allow us to be focused in our work, provide clients with true in-depth knowledge, and harness that knowledge to serve their needs.

As assignments often come to us in the form of problem statements, we work to SEE Solutions. Solutions which resolve the specific needs of an assignment in concert with the larger imperative and solutions that produce remarkable places of lasting value.

HGOR Intro (We SEE Solutions) from HGOR on Vimeo.