Landscape Architect/Urban Designer

HGOR is a firm focused on planning and designing great places for people, places which support clear returns on investment and provide a stewardship ethic for future generations. We call this our SEE philosophy and use it as the yardstick to gauge the success of our work. Due to business growth HGOR seeks a smart, talented, self-motivated team member with experience ranging from entry-level up to four years.

This position involves interaction with the firm’s principals as well as clients. Working with the project manager and principals, the team member must possess the ability to anticipate needs, initiate action, show excellent judgment in communication and involving others, and become an integral part of the team with the collective goal of producing designs and documents that exceed the goals set by our clients.

In addition to basic technology such as AutoCAD 2016, expertise in other graphics software listed below is required. The successful candidate will be able to utilize these programs to produce sketches, drawings, and renderings based on team ideas; participate in generating design ideas and incorporating them into construction documents, including layout, grading and drainage, detailing and product specifications. HGOR seeks capabilities beyond computer and design skills. The firm’s team members show initiative, judgment and deductive reasoning, as well as, strong presentation, listening and communication skills. We also expect determination, persistence and the ability to work as part of a team. Candidates must be able to offer examples that demonstrate not only their skills and attributes but also their commitment to learning more.

To apply for this position, email resume and portfolio to resumes@hgor.com. We ask for electronic communications only and that your resume and portfolio be attached to that communication, not as a link (7MB Limit).

Skills Required

Basic Design, Production, & Technical Skills: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD 2016, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Sketch-up; produce designs based on team ideas; generate design ideas; generate CD package including layout, grading and drainage, detailing and product specifications.

Additional Technical Skills Desired: Demonstrates expertise in applications such as Sketch-up, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Lumion, Rhino 3D and/or interactive web design/presentation software such as Adobe Edge Animate CC, Adobe Muse or Adobe Dreamweaver. Can use software at its highest level. Can problem-solve to get the best graphics solutions and presentations.

Design/Graphics Skills: Candidate shall demonstrate through portfolio proficiencies; renderings by hand; design innovation; computer applications; detailing and understanding of construction materials.

Orientation Toward the Built Environment: Speaks specifically about wanting to learn more about applying theory learned in school; appreciates the built environment rather than focusing, for example, on open space preservation, environmental causes, research or garden design; relates positively to SEE and makes comments that reflect an understanding of the balance.

Deductive Reasoning: Responds to SEE and other values and concepts of HGOR as explained in the interview process; when a challenging client problem is described, sees implications, possible complications, consequences and potential solutions; explains a project he/she worked on in school or work that presented challenges requiring reasoning, problem solving and interpretation of information.

Presentation Skills: Though not necessarily ready for client exposure, this person should, in the interview, demonstrate a professional appearance and make good eye contact, as well as explain interests, background, answer questions articulately and show enthusiasm for the firm and the profession.

Communication Skills: Gains understanding of client goals; listens to project manager and principal’s instructions, asking clarifying questions so work is right the first time. Anticipates next steps and initiates action. Identifies potential issues and proposes options to resolve them. Gains client confidence and interacts with them regularly to gain information and advance the project. Adds value in client meetings; attends when project manager cannot; returns with complete information and action steps. Presents ideas persuasively to internal team and client.

Teamwork: Examples that demonstrate teamwork in the office. Provides help to others to meet deadlines; requests assistance when needed. Helps others to learn new skills. Seeks to learn new expertise from project manager, other team members and principals. Plans and follows up on work when it is to be delegated.

Personal Characteristics: Passion, integrity, commitment to the profession, determination, flexibility, resilience, has fun; multi-tasks well on multiple projects.

Education Requirements: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from an accredited program.